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Nuit debout”, the movement started on March 31st in Paris around the social movement against the contested El Khomri Law (that reforms the job right), discussed many subjects until today. In place de la République, in the heart of Paris, thousands of peoples gathered everyday since the beginning of the movement. They talked about many topics as different as refugees' rights, democracy, LGBTQI people's rights, economy, climate change... and TTIP and CETA.

The treaties has been clearly identified by the people attending Nuit Debout, as a strong attack on social and economic rights, democracy, environment... Many public debates has already been made on the occupied place.

This Saturday, the Collectif Stop TAFTA (French platform to stop TTIP and CETA) and Nuit Debout are going to declare the movement as TTIP & CETA free. On this day program:

  • a sport competition between the anti-chlorinated chicken team and the anti-GMO team

  • trainings on “What TTIP and CETA are”

  • a concert by Orchestre Debout

  • a general assembly with people working in economic sectors directly impacted by TTIP and CETA

  • a workshop on the next steps (strategy and actions)

  • presentation of an open letter to be sent to the Paris city council, asking to declare Paris as TTIP & CETA free.

Indeed, the French capital already passed a motion to express its concerns about TTIP. But never declared itself as TTIP and CETA free. In fact, several European capitals turned into TTIP and CETA free during the last mounths or weeks. Such as Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels... Paris must be the next city to appear on the incredibly increasing list of TTIP and CETA free zones across Europe!


Pictures: ©NuitDebout

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