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On June 28th, Slovenia joined 12 European countries who already had TTIP and CETA free zones. Celje, the fifth Slovenian city officially became the first TTIP free city in the country.


By declaring itself as TTIP-free, Celje shows how people everywhere in Europe is deeply concerned by TTIP and CETA. Either in western or in eastern Europe countries, people are mobilised to stop these deals and the dangerous consequences they may have on several aspects. Public health, services, environment protection, labour rights... will be jeopardised by TTIP and CETA.


At the time of writing this article, there already are 1,850 TTIP and CETA free zones across Europe. This number shows how strong is the local opposition to these dangerous trade deals. But many cities, villages and counties still could declare themselves TTIP and CETA free. Many people still don't know what TTIP and CETA are and why we must stop them.


Turning cities into TTIP and CETA free zones is a wonderful way to inform citizens, to mobilise farmers, trade unions and SMEs against the treaties. We must continue to do so and amplify the movement. Bigger the number of TTIP free zone, the better!


On behalf of the European coordination of the TTIP free zones campaigns, we would like to congratulate the people in Celje for passing the motion. We also warmly invite them to spread the word to others cities in Slovenia and in many other European countries.


Let's turn Europe into a TTIP free zone!

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