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Summer is coming! Let's take a break in Europe.

If you haven't already planned your holidays, we have an amazing trip across Europe to suggest: the TTIP-free tour!

Well known for its 1,850 TTIP and CETA free zones, Europe is the best destination for your anti TTIP and CETA holidays in 2016! A huge diversity of countries, cities and landscapes is wainting for you. Don't waste your summer time by visiting sandy beaches in some fiscal paradises. While travelling across the TTIP & CETA free Europe you will have good moments, get to meet fantastic people, learn new languages and... Stop TTIP and CETA! Isn't it amazing?

The destinations we offer:

#1 • IRELAND: County Clare


County Clare, the first TTIP-free zone in Ireland welcomes you. Enjoy its beautiful landscapes and visit its dolmens. You'll never be able to forget this magnificient TTIP free zone!

#2 • SPAIN: Barcelona

The lovely Catalan capital, Barcelona invites you to enjoy its beaches and Gaudi monuments. If you are a mayor, you will also be able to sign the Barcelona declaration! Don't miss this beautiful city!


#3 • GERMANY: Cologne

Discover the charms of Cologne in Rhineland. You'll surely fall in love with one of its twelve romanesque Basilicas. However, you shouldn't forget the reason that led you here: this major city is TTIP-free! Take the opportunity to talk about the TTIP negotiations and the CETA ratification with one of the inhabitants of Cologne.


#4 • FRANCE: Notre-Dame-des-Landes


If you need to breath fresh air, and wish to walk in the woods... you definitely should go to discover Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Close to the city of Nantes, this lovely village à la française may disappear... and get replaced by an airport. The village, and its inhabitants are TTIP and CETA free! Meet them and visit the ZAD on July 9-10 so you could sow seeds of democracy in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.


#5 • ITALY: Milan


Milan is well known as one of hte capital of fashion. But it's much more than it! The Lombard city is one of the biggest TTIP-free cities in Italy. So, eat a pizza, drink a spritz and think about how it will be nice to break free from TTIP and CETA.


#6 • AUSTRIA: Vienna


Capital of Austria, Vienna is a beautiful city. Take a walk on the Danube, eat a Schnitzel and dance a waltz are some of the ways to enjoy the city. Vienna is also one of the over 360 cities in Austria that declare themselves as TTIP and CETA free! And do you know what? Thanks to the local authorities mobilisation (among others), 70% of Austrians now declares they're opposed to TTIP! Isn't it great? If you want to spend much time in Austria, you should also go to the Attac Austria summer academy, so you'll everything on TTIP, CETA and free trade in general!


#7 • SLOVENIA: Celje


Slovenia recently joint the European movement of TTIP and CETA free zones. The first TTIP-free city in the country is Celje, the fifth biggest city! It's time to celebrate, visit Celje and congratulate its citizens for the great work they made. Then you could also visit Maribor. The rumour say it will be the next Slovenian TTIP-free city... But hush don't say it too loud!


#8 • PORTUGAL: Évora


Located in Alentejo (South of Portugal), Évora is a well preserved historical city. Indeed, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site! You may already know that, but Évora has also been the first TTIP free zone in Portugal. Be carreful, Évora has a hot-summer mediterranean climate! So if you prefer a cooler climate to think about how to stop TTIP and CETA, you may visit the next city.


#9 • NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is a lovely place to visit during the summer. Sadly, you already missed the "TTIP Alarm Festival", organised in Amsterdam in May. No worries, the city is still TTIP free, enjoy it!


#10 • GREECE: Thessaloniki


Don't miss Thessaloniki! This beautiful TTIP free Greek city will offer you beautiful landscape. And to complete your tour, feel free to visit Aristoteli. You'll be able to appreciate the effects that CETA may have on nature by visiting the gold mine.


#11 • BULGARIA: Gorna Malinor

Gorna Malinor

Few kilometers from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, you'll find Gorna Malinor. Have a rest on its lake's shore and meet some Stop TTIP & CETA activists from this city. Gorna Malinor has been the first TTIP free zone in Bulgaria and shouldn't remaine the only!


#12 • UNITED KINGDOM: Birmingham


Birmingham turned into TTIP-free few months ago. That wasn't so easy for such a big city! So, you definitely shall visit it and take the time to talk about toxic trade deals with its citizens. If you planned to spend more time in the UK, go to have fun in the "Take Back Our World" festival on July 15 to 17th in North Devon (not so close from Birmingham, but a road trip can also be fun!)


#13 • BELGIUM: Ixelles


To conclude this tour of Europe, we must invite you the heart of the Union: Brussels! Sadly, the Belgian capital is not completely TTIP-free so far. But it doesn't matter, its neighbour, Ixelles, has adopted a TTIP free motion a long time ago. So enjoy Ixelles! Obviously, we warmly encourage you to campaign to make Brussels a TTIP and CETA free zone.

If you feel disobedient, have fun with the TTIP Game Over activist who scheduled many recreative activities!

Then, we'll all meet in Brussels in September for a big demo against TTIP and CETA, and in October for Citizens' CETA Summit (more information is coming soon).



Now, we have to wish you a wonderful summer in the TTIP & CETA free Europe!

Let's do our best to be sure this is the last summer for TTIP and CETA!

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