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This weekend, the Autumn of Action (#AoA) for the last days of CETA has been launched successfully.

In Austria actions took place in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck – with 10.000 taking the streets in Vienna and a total of 25.000 in Austria as a whole.

In Germany, seven cities hosted marches against TTIP and CETA:

  • Hamburg: 65.000,
  • Cologne: 55.000,
  • Berlin: 70.000,
  • Munich: 25.000,
  • Frankfurt/Main: 50.000,
  • Stuttgart: 40.000,
  • Leipzig: 15.000

For a total of 320,000 people across the country. You can find these demonstrations' pictures here.

These huge numbers announce the strength of the Stop TTIP and CETA movement in Europe. And prepare the CETA and TTIP supporters to hard days during the coming weeks. Indeed, other actions are already planed in Belgium, Slovakia, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Romania, Bulgaria.


In Germany, the activists gave visibility to the TTIP and CETA-free zones mobilisation. They marched with city signs representing the cities declared as TTIP and CETA-free across Europe. It shows how the local authorities mobilisation to stop the transatlantic trade deals is important to win this battle. We definitely shall keep this mobilisation growing up. The constant increase of the TTIP and CETA-free zones number shows how strong is our campaign.


Together, everywhere, we will win against CETA and TTIP.

Some media coverage as regards the demonstrations in Germany and Austria:

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