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Campaign Catalonia No al TTIP, Barcelona September 22, 2016

The Parliament of Catalonia, in his Commission of Growth and Company realised today Thursday 22 of September, has approved a Resolution in what expresses his “opposition to the signature of the treaties in course of negotiation or approval -TTIP, CETA, TISA-” for part of the European Commission.

The proposal of Resolution had been presented jointly for the parliamentary groups of Catalunya Si Que es Pot, CUP and PSC following the proposal of the campaign Catalunya No al TTIP, and has approved with the favourable votes of these three groups, more the ones of Junst Pel Si.

The agreements approved in the Resolution consider that any trade agreement of this kind that could be negotiated in the future would have to:

  • Preserve the sovereignty and competitions of the elected institutions, at the different levels, to act in favour of the interests of the citizenship and of the local economy.
  • Defend or improve the current legislative frame and statutory, either national or European in social matter, economic, health, culture, environment and in defence of the public services.
  • Preserve explicitly the labour rights foreseen in the ILO treaties, the social rights, economic, cultural and environmental.
  • Exclude the special mechanisms of investor-State dispute settlement.
  • Safeguard the essential public services, the social rights, the singularity of determinate sectors, such as the culture sector.

At the same time the resolution agrees on:

  • Request to make public all the information, so much on the matters and contents, and on the negotiations evolution.
  • Promote the information and the debate in our country and, linked to this, to create inside the Parliament a Commission of study on the possible impacts of TTIP, CETA and TISA.
  • That in any case these treaties have to be ratified by all the states member, preferably via referendum.
  • Urge the Government to handle the negotiations in front of the Government of the State to demand that all the available information on any proposal of supranational trade agreement is easily accessible to the Members of the Catalonian Parliament such as it's done in other countries.

In this way the Parliament of Catalonia adds to the voices of more than 2.000 municipal, regional or federal institutions in Europe that have manifested their refusal of these treaties and of the shape in that they have been negotiating, as well as to the increasing voices of various European governmental instances.

This social and institutional calm is already impossible to silence and, in the frame of the Autumn of resistance to these treaties, that is happening all over the continent, and that has already seen massive mobilisations in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Belgium this last week, the next 15 of October summon to the formation of a human chain in Barcelona between the Consulate of Canada and the Office of the European Union to show the rejection to the approval to the CETA, that would have similar consequences as the TTIP ones and that would allow to thousands of US companies with subsidiaries in the Canada to sue the European Governments and institutions although if they do not approve the TTIP.

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