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We reproduce below the template letter that has been sent by 105 Slovenian mayors asking their Prime Minister, Dr. Miro Cerar, not to sign CETA.

We apologise for the translation made with automatic translator from Slovenian to English. We will up to date the text as soon as possible, but we thought it was important to share the news with you as soon as we got it.


Dear Dr. Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia,

With concern the news about secret negotiations on agreements across the Atlantic, which on behalf of the EU Member States led by the European Commission with the US and Canada and other countries - TTIP, TISA and CETA. The mere fact that they are, and yet, the agreements are drawn up and coordinated in secrecy raises doubts about the good intentions of creators. It is clear that the content written by lobbyists and representatives of multinationals, while representatives of the people at national and European levels excluded from the process.

The agreement between Canada and the EU (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) - CETA, at EU level pending a final procedures for its approval. The competent committee of the Council of the EU will be an agreement CETA representatives of the EU defining 12 October, 18 October will be followed by a decision at ministerial level. I urge you to take their decisions solely in the welfare of the people that you represent.

Trade and investment agreement CETA would have only minimal effects on the Slovenian economy, it showed the impact study, which was last year taken a center of business excellence at the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics. The total effect on gross domestic product growth would have amounted to less than a thousandth of a percent per year. But in the aforementioned trade agreements it is apparently not the case for trade relations between sovereign states, but rather an attempt to multinational trading companies that their interests be placed over them. This allows the instrument of international arbitral tribunals ICS - an instrument through which multinationals in recent decades, a multitude of countries around the world iztožile millions of euros or the member buckling pressure and to adapt its legislation according to custom multinationals, to the detriment of their country, the environment, public good and people.

And aquatic resources and their exploitation is an issue that is extremely worrying. CETA clearly provides that each contracting party has the right to protect and maintain its natural water resources. However, the agreement also provides that "where a Contracting Party allows commercial use of a particular water source, taking into account the provisions of this Agreement". This defines investment as well as the concession granted to the exploration for or extraction of natural resources. This means that in case of granted concessions for water use for commercial purposes - either already granted or those who will be awarded in the future - valid mechanism for resolving disputes between investors and the State of ICS. And thence arises a key threat, or will the county can even implement water supply to the local economy and households, carried out the removal and cleaning of the water, where we will companies be sued at will because we dared attention to quality and affordability and not maximizing profits? We may even have ensured implementation of any basic public services for our local residents, without risking the action?

Slovenian policy is not the only one who has obvious reservations about the agreement CETA. Other countries are also concerned about the content of which relate to the management of water resources, the problem of capital Court and genetically modified organisms.

Dear Dr. Cerar, As mayor, I committed to represent the interests of our community, our local environment, the economy and the people who are part of our mid. Therefore, I do not and can not be indifferent to the admission arrangements by the Government. Especially when all these arrangements directly harm the well-being of our citizens and as citizens. Therefore, as Mayor / Mayoress join three million citizens of the European Union and more than 2,000 European municipalities, cities or regions (in which lives a total of more than 75 million people), which oppose such secret agreements and agreements which lead is the quality of people's lives, but also the interests of the multinationals.

When the instrument is placed virtually zero effect on the economy and on the other hand, historically obvious adverse consequences for the sovereign functioning of the state of our agriculture, food standards and the environment, for the public good, and labor, social justice, must not be any doubt about how are defined. Also, you should not question the decision.

Reject the CETA agreement.


The original text and the joint press release are available here.

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