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On October 20 of 2016, about 300 representatives from TTIP and CETA-free cities, civil society organisations, and members of the European Parliament gathered in Brussels to show how strong is their refusal of CETA.


The Citizens’ CETA Summit happened few days after the beginning of the “Wallon episode” when the regional parliament of Wallonia refused to give the green light for the Belgian government to sign CETA. During the Citizens’ Summit, message of solidarity to the Wallon government have been expressed. Moreover, representatives from other local governments reminded they also opposed both CETA and TTIP and that they wish to have the same power the Wallon assembly has.


The official CETA summit has been delayed for few days, and after days of hard negotiations and pressure on the Wallon government, it finally happened and the agreement has been signed on October 23.


The following press articles have been collected to show the media coverage of the Citizens’ CETA Summit.

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