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On April 21st and 22nd, the Barcelona city council is going to hold the first pan-European meeting of local authorities against the new generation of free trade agreements.

After mobilising more than 1,500 cities and local authorities across Europe, the need to develop of network of local representatives and local communities opposed to TTIP and CETA appeared. Indeed, local communities represent the front line of the opposition to these agreements as well as they will be on the front lines of their consequences. In many cities, mayors and councillors stood against TTIP & CETA. But they are also developing of supporting local alternatives on several topics such as local democracy and economy, food and farming, water, energy... We know that these alternatives are paving the path for transition to fairer and more sustainable societies.

But all these local initiatives and resistances need to be shown and to be heard. For this reason, national campaign to defeat TTIP and CETA, wanted to build an event that could gather local representative from all over Europe. With this initiative we're aiming to develop a pan-European network of cities standing against neoliberalism and carrying local and sustainable alternative policies.

During two days, mayors from various European countries will discuss the effects of TTIP and CETA on their communities, the strategies to stop the negotiation or the signature of these agreements, and the alternative policies for a fairer economy. They will meet with civil society organisations, trade unions, farmers, SME entrepreneurs, MEPs and many other actors involved in the local resistance to TTIP and CETA.

In order to mobilise the people of Barcelona, outdoor events and actions are also going to be held, such as a public concert on Friday, 22nd, with artists engaged against neoliberal policies.

To find out more on this event, you can visit the Spanish campaign “No al TTIP” website. The agenda for the two days is available there as well as the registration form and logistic informations.

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