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About the „TTIP&CETA STOPPEN“ demonstration in Hannover on 23rd of April

If Obama and Merkel had their way, the Hannover Industrial Fair 2016 would be a sign of strength for the transatlantic business relations. TTIP-negotiations will get accelerated – this is supposed to be the message of the joint appearance of the two leaders in front of gathered industrialists. TTIP is indeed at a critical stage, the negotiations have stalled, some countries like France get impatient and Obama's presidency is coming to an end. In order to reach an agreement before the US-elections in November take place many controversial points urgently need to be clarified. In Hannover Merkel and Obama therefore want to advertise the trade-deals once more as an economic stimulus that be beneficial for all.

But their plan will be disrupted by our big demonstration on April 23rd in Hannover organized by civil society organizations, trade unions and political parties. This exceptionally broad alliance across the society has already brought up 250,000 people on the streets of Berlin in last autumn – it has been one of the biggest demonstrations in Germany for decades. Now again, thousands of people will come together to state the obvious: TTIP will benefit a small group of transnational corporations, whereas it poses major threats to our societies. Especially the Investor-State-Dispute-Settlements (ISDS) and Regulatory Cooperation procedures put democratic freedom and hard-won social and ecological regulation at risk just to get slightly higher growth rates – and even these benefits are highly contested by several economists.

Regardlessly, Barack Obama's visit shall demonstrate a transatlantic partnership which is most of all based on the same neoliberal free-trade-consensus. In opposition to that, our “TTIP&CETA STOPPEN” Rally will point out that a true partnership between both sides of the Atlantic can only be upheld on the idea of a just world trade system.

City signs of hundreds of TTIP-free zones in the United States and in Europe will be carried to demonstrate the unified transatlantic opposition of local authorities. Obama and Merkel must know that we are a large movement of transatlantic municipalities that will no longer accept to be restricted by their neoliberal agenda.

For more information in English please visit www.ttip-demo.de

Find out more:

Dominik Pietron — Attac Germany

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