More than 40 mayors and local authorities replied to the call from the spanish NoalTTIP campaign, the european campaigns and the City Council  of Barcelona. Adding to this, over 200 representatives of social movements, environmental organizations, trade unions, taxi associations, farmers organizations as well as political parties and representatives of the european parliament joined the two-day long encounter. It is the first meeting that gathers a diversity of groups with one unique concern: the defense of local democracy before global corporate profits.
On the 21st April, a round table discussion with the 40 municipalities took place resulting in a common agreement signed as the Declaration of Barcelona which demands the suspension of the current negotiations on TTIP and TiSA and to reject the CETA ratification. The debate gave voices to local representatives already facing numerous challenges in passing policies that support the local economy and the well being of their inhabitants. The 40 representatives saw TTIP as a great threat that will further undermine local sovereignty. The declaration also shows local authorities are not only opposing these treaties but also thinking of proposals and alternatives that emerge at the local level. 
The following day was facilitated as a space to exchange information and ideas among local authorities, parlamentarians, experts and activists from the campaign across Europe on the different threats these treaties pose to local sovereingity. Different working groups were formed: to broaden the TTIP, CETA, TiSA-free zones, to guarantee the flow of information to citizens, to engage with other key actors (SMEs, agricultural sector, social economy, etc.), and the promotion of an enabling environment that gives support to social and economic alternatives. 
The two days concluded with a public event on friday night led by the deputy major Gerardo Pisarello and representatives of the spanish state, Catalan and european campaigns against TTIP, CETA and TiSA. The event continued with an open air concert in Arc del Trionf of Barcelona with Che Sudaka performing to thousands of people. 
The two-day long encounter proved the willingness of local authorities to move towards a coalition that does not just oppose these treaties but can say YES, that is able to defend the common fundamental rights for all in opposition to trade deals that put private profit and corproate greed ahead of the needs of the people. At the same time it was an opportunity to strenghten synergies among the multipe alternatives that come from the social and institutional municipalisms under a common umbrella, which is the fight against TTIP/CETA/TiSA. 
Next steps
During the meeting the city council of Grenoble proposed to host the second pan-european meeting of local authorities. Meanwhile, the local campaigns will continue their work by strenghtening spaces of co-creation of municipal resistances to the treaties. 
Regarding the declaration, the City Council of Barcelona will facilitate a space on their web page with information of the event including the declaration and the collection of signatures. Also, in the round table of the europarliamentarians an invitation to present the declaration in the European Parliament was tabled. 
The minutes of the meeting will be shared in the following days and a new website has been designed to facilitate all the information flow and access: 
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