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The local authorities mobilisation to #StopTTIP and #StopCETA keep growing up. This week, the 1,800th TTIP / CETA free zones joint the movement.

Millions of citizens are now living in a TTIP/CETA free zones, and their number is increasing every day.

Until now, twelve European countries are part of the TTIP-free zones process. But many other are still missing. If we act together we can turn the whole Europe into TTIP/CETA free. Just as Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland and Portugal who recently joint the movement, your country is probably ready to have its first TTIP/CETA free zone.

You're city or county is not TTIP/ CETA free yet? It's time to campaign your local representatives to push them to stand against these toxic free-trade agreements. Join your national or local campaign.

Do you need more information on the impact of TTIP and CETA at the local level? You wish to start campaigning in your city? All the tools you may need are available on this Website. Feel free to use, share, translate...

By taking action everywhere we'll #StopTTIP #StopCETA!

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